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In our region of Germany, we are true Europeans: the Dutch border is just a stone's throw away from our doors.


It comes therefore as no surprise that Moelle feels very comfortable on the European stage. As FEGIME* market community partner, we are part of a strong network of medium sized electrical and electronics distributors from all over Europe. It is our goal to provide internationally competitive conditions and an independent distributorship. To this end, we invest in international management training for our future leaders, and engage in intensive cross-border business relationships.


No matter, whether you are located in Nordhorn, Naples, Newcastle or Narvik: we are ready to support you and your projects in cooperation with 180 colleagues, based in 650 branch offices in 20 countries across Europe.


*FEGIME: "Fédération Européenne des Grossistes Indépandants en Matériel Electrique"


Electrical Supply Europe