Switches and Sockets

Switches and Sockets

Berker Switches and Sockets

Switches and Sockets are part of our scope of supply. Moelle is a german distributor for switches and sockets of any kind and has a major brand the focus is put on: Berker switches and sockets. Berker S1 is only one product line by Berker we have permanently in stock for our customers. Moelle is the one-stop-shop and source for your Berker requirements and likes to become your partner of choice for all Berker switches and sockets you need: from standard to high end design and functionality Moelle offers the entire range of the Berker program. All switches and sockets available by Berker can be found in our Online Shop that covers all Berker product lines. And if you need another brand for switches and sockets than Berker? Just ask our electro experts for other well-known brands such as Gira, Merten, Jung, Busch Jaeger or Legrand switches.

Switch Ranges
Berker, Gira, Busch Jaeger, Legrand, Merten, Jung

Gira Switch Ranges

Gira offers ten different switch ranges you can choose between. There are many options for colours, materials and styles for every requirement and environment. Gira switches and sockets are sold by Moelle Electrical Supplies to almost every region in the world. Moelle warehouses and supplies switches and sockets from Gira that became more and more important for our company. If you have demand for Gira switches, sockets please ask us for a quote. No matter if you need a Gira switch range like Standard 55, Gira E2, Gira Esprit or any other - we can offer all Gira switches and sockets available in the market to you.  

The following Gira catalogues have different language versions: Dutch for the Netherlands, English, Russian for Russia. 

The market leader: Busch Jaeger

Looking for a supplier of Busch Jaeger switches and sockets in Germany, Europe, that is capable of exporting them to the place in your country? Please do not hesitate to contact our staff for a quote.

Merten, Jung, Legrand

Legrand, Jung and Merten are another players in the market for switches and sockets. We may not have every part available from them in our stock but our company as a one-stop-source for switches and sockets is able to procure all parts required by those brands in a short period of time for you.



Switches and Sockets by Berker
Berker_Catalogue_Switch Ranges.pdf
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Gira Schakelmateriaal
Netherlands, Holland, Dutch
Gira Schakelaars Stopcontacten.pdf
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Gira Switches, Sockets - English
Gira Switch Ranges.pdf
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Gira for Russia
Gira Russia.pdf
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