Electrical Wholesaler Moelle

Your Customised Product Line

We have approximately 15,000 articles in stock at all times. However, sophisticated logistics solutions have changed our business philosophy. Today we can confidently say: We have whatever you may need. If, for example, we implemented a Kanban solution with one of our clients , you may find a number of articles in our warehouses that have little or nothing to do with electrics or electronics.


But that's not all. There is also our 'virtual warehouse'. The Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) within our industry community links 130 warehouses all over Germany. We can therefore source a staggering 160,000 different articles per mouse click in real time, and provide precise information about lead times.


There is however one point, where we accept no compromise: we only work with branded products from top manufacturers such as Legrand switches or Schneider Electric for example in order to safeguard highest safety and quality standards.

Excerpt From Our Product Range

Antenna Technology Industrial Safety Mounting Parts Lightning Protection
Data Technology White Goods and Small Machinery Installation System Technology Hot Water Equipment
Industrial Electronics Cabling and Routing Air Conditioning Country-Specific Products
Lighting Fixtures Illuminants Measuring Devices Switches
Switchgear Control Cabinets Safety Material Safety Technology
Intercommunication Systems SPS Controls Telecommunication
Voltage Surge Protection Tools ...

Major Brands we deal with